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The problem(s)

Do you suffer from low conversion rates, lots of visits but no signups, or bad customer retention?

You're losing money every second your design isn't performing. If you run a business online, you need to do regular user testing to combat these problems and optimise your design, so that potential customers can give you more of their money.

However, setting up, running, and then analysing user testing is time consuming, requires a specific skill set, and produces raw data which can be difficult to interpret. This sucks.

Our solution

At Gundog, we want to democratise and automate user testing.

Give us your problem, we'll test it, and give you the results & insights in easy to use formats.

Our initial, no-obligation consultation is totally free. We stand behind our work 100% – which is why our service comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't learn anything from your user testing report, we'll give you all of your money back.

How it works

  1. You submit a website, concept mockup, or prototype.
  2. We get in touch with you to conduct your free user testing consultation, and get to the root of what you want to know. Do users understand what you offer from your webpage? Are potential customers missing important call-to-actions? Does your nav work?
  3. We use the EyesDecide eye-tracking platform and the UsabilityHub online testing suite to run a set of usability tests, custom designed by our team to answer your questions.
  4. You get back a standardised shortform report containing results and recommendations - all backed by measured, quantified data that anyone in your organisation can see for themselves.

We pre-format your report in pdf, Google Slides, or Powerpoint, so that you can just copy the expert analysis and data straight into your decks. Get a sample report in your inbox now!

How much?

The cost is a flat rate, $499 AUD $299 per test - for a limited time only. This includes everything: user recruitment, test prep, the shortform report with insights and recommendations, and the raw test data.

When you buy, one of our UX Researchers will be in touch via email within 8 hours to discuss your project. Our current turnaround time is approximately 4 days.


Wait, you use online testing? Can't I just do that myself?
You sure can and we encourage it! We've also got a series of videos in the works about how to best use these tools to test your own site. If you're comfortable with the principles and methods of UX research, remote testing tools are a huge step forward for the profession. Get into it!

Do the user test reports include designed solutions for issues?
No. However, we're more than happy to work on solutions for issues that are identified by Gundog tests – just drop us a line and we'll be in touch with a quote!

Will my report include test x?
We use our expertise to judge which tests will give you the most data and uncover the most critical issues in your design. However if there are particular tests you're interested in, let us know in the Notes field of your order details.

Contact us

Email to get in touch with us about absolutely anything!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get a sample report    Start your free consultation now!

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