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A user experience and product design studio, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Latest news

We've started a regular content series on Medium called User Testing Monthly.
Read the first article - Centrelink's robodebt crisis - could user testing help? now!

We've also kicked off the Gundog - user testing as a service project. Get over there if you need any kind of on-demand user testing!


Hi! I'm Hugo Jenkins, Director of The 25th Company. I've been a user experience practitioner and product designer since 2006. I run with the help of my wife and a network of developers, designers and content specialists. And Venus the cat.

I started because I want to help people create delightful and useful digital products and experiences, using the user centred design process. are interaction design heavyweights, and user testing and validation drives everything we do. Complex business requirements make us quiver with delight in anticipation of a worthy challenge.

Over the years, members of the team have designed accounting web apps, self-serve account management software, CRM and HR admin systems, mobile video streaming apps, travel booking flows, not for profit sites, geological analysis interfaces, and Flash sites for escort agencies (2003, what a time to be alive). We've worked at banks, ISPs, startups, software development firms, government bodies, design agencies and consulting firms.

If you need top shelf product UX, interaction design, user testing or research, for any platform, and for any timeframe from a day to a year, let's start a conversation.

The 25th Company are dedicated research and development partners, which means that you can claim generous tax benefits on your spend with us - you can often claim back up to 45% of our costs.

We're proudly independent, and don't answer to platform vendors, shareholders or VCs. We're technology-agnostics who believe in using the right tool for the job. We're committed to helping people grow - and I'd love for you to be one of those people.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat, please get in touch.


Hugo Jenkins
Director, The 25th Company

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